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Formboss Metal Garden Edging
Formboss Metal Garden EdgingPro
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11 Testimonials
5 years
Magic Garden Roses

This product is one of those things that you can put in and turn your
back on it and years later it still looks as good as the day you put it
in. It separates the garden beds from lawn areas with a neat and very
impressive finish.


5 years
Rebecca Kane, Operations Manager/Creative Designer at Garden Revolution

It’s great to come across a product that looks great in the landscape, is
easy to install without sacrificing functionality.
After using FormBoss™ for the first time last year, I was impressed at
it’s workability and clean lines it creates in a landscape. I have used it in
the last three of my designs and I would recommend it to everyone!

5 years
Wendy from Verdum, SA

 "Formboss is a dream to use on curves. I just love this product. I have 1 acre of land with garden beds around the perimeters [...]The edging make the property look finished and neat. Easier for the whipper snipper on the edges too. [...] It is also fulfills Bushfire prevention requirements, being metal. All in all, I think it is a terrific product, I can't say enough good things about it." - Wendy

5 years
Fiona Walker, Finess Garden Services MIFGS 2013

 FormBoss™ Corten Metal Garden Edging gave my MIFGS (Melbourne International Flower & Garden Show) display garden the wow factor that I was looking for. Brad and the team at Greenlines were extremely helpful throughout the process and the feedback received during the show was incredible. I would definitely recommend FormBoss™ metal edging for it’s durability versatility and aesthetic appeal. Thanks Greenlines Gardenware for supplying such an impressive product.

5 years
Phillip-Phillip Withers landscape design, Bronze show garden winner MIFGS 2013

I use FormBoss™ edging for the majority of my gardens where I need a natural curved garden bed or surface change.
Why – because I can rely on it to last, it works well to form a natural curve, they are easily accessible and good people to deal with.

5 years
Ross Uebergang-Ross U Design. Silver medal winner-Victorian school garden awards

Not only do they have a fantastic product, that arrives to site quickly and prefabricated the staff are amazing. They have shown a great social conscience with there support of charity’s and not for profit organisations over the past couple of years, which is very important to me. The team happily committed to supporting me in a makeover of a Community Kindergarten in 2012 from just a quick phone call. FormBoss™ supplied my students at Swinburne with their custom product at very notice for their projects at the Melbourne International Flower & Garden Show in 2013.
Thank you Toby, Bradley and the team.

5 years
Peta Donaldson- Natural Design, MIFGS 2013

FormBoss™ garden edging is a smart, clean, easy to use, and long lasting product. In my mind, FormBoss™ garden edging is the only solution when it comes to edging within your garden. It provides a sleek element to an area of the garden, contributing to streamlined effortlessness and the ultimate finish of any design.

6 years
Meg Geary-MG Gardens MIFGS 2013 designer award winner


I like the way the finished product looked, I used the galvanized edging, and I could certainly see myself using it in other projects. The different profiles and thicknesses lend it to so many different applications in the landscape. The fact that it can be bent to curves was great, as my whole design was curves! It certainly generated a huge amount of interest from the public throughout the show.

6 years
Steve McIntosh, Owner of McIntosh Landscaping

 "I really like using your metal garden edging. In most situations I think it looks better than other forms of edging.Nothing beats it for curves"

6 years
Ian Kable, CBD Team Leader for Orange City Council

 "We have been very impressed with the form boss metal garden edging. Its ease of installation and residual strength are proving its worth in the CBD of Orange. [...]We also enjoy the range of profiles available, which allows us to custom fit the edging to a wide variety of uses in the CBD."

6 years
Jason from Doreen, VIC

This product is simply amazing. You can create a garden with curves,
90 degree angles and circles without spending thousands of dollars
on machinery and labour. You don’t need the strength of Arnold
Schwarzenegger to bend and install FormBoss™ metal edging. If you can
fold cardboard then FormBoss is the garden edging for you!
Thanks to FormBoss™, I have created a garden that can be enjoyed
for many years to come. People are always knocking on my door to find
out more about the edging because of their negative experiences with
timber edging. I don’t have to worry about my edging warping, rotting,
fading, dogs chewing on it because I know it’s FormBoss™.


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